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Rivercut Golf Course

Hole #1  Par 4

The first hole has a short dogleg right with both water and bunkers guarding the right side. The green is surrounded by both sand and grass bunkers.

Hole #2  Par 3

A hazard and bunkers line the right side of this par 3. The green is two tiered with a large ridge running through the center.

Hole #3  Par 4

This hole has a sharp dogleg right with a dangerous carry over a large hazard. The fairway is undulating leaving an awkward stance on the approach to a difficult, well-bunkered green.

Hole #4  Par 4

This is the second shortest par four on the course. A good drive off the tee leaves a short approach to the green. However a wayward shot off the tee brings both the hazard on the right and the James River on the left into play.

Hole #5  Par 5

A difficult driving hole with both bunkers and a hazard coming into play on the right side. This green is heavily guarded by bunkers along with the James River on the left side of the hole.

Hole #6  Par 3

One of the most scenic holes on the golf course. This challenging par 3 requires a tee shot over the river onto a two tiered green. A grassy bowl on the right will find many missed hit tee shots.

Hole #7  Par 5

A strait away par 5 with a hazard running down the entire right side of the hole. It’s heavily sloping green requires a soft touch if the player finds their ball on the wrong side of the hole.

Hole #8  Par 4

The first hole of Rivercut’s amen corner. Errant tee shots to the right will find the water while those to the left will find heavy rough. Grass bunkers long and right along with a sand bunker on the left make this approach shot very tricky.

Hole #9 Par 4

This is the longest of all the par fours on the course. An enormous bunker on the right side of the fairway poses a difficult challenge. A large well-bunkered green assures this hole to be one of the most difficult golf holes in the area.

Hole #10 Par 5

The third of Rivercut’s amen corner also happens to be the longest hole on the course. Any shot hit left of this fairway will find itself swimming with the fishes. Water intersects this fairway about 130 yards from the green. This green has both water and bunkers to ensure a penalty for a wayward approach. Play this 611 yard par 5 into the wind and it can be as challenging as any.

One of the most written about and notorious par 5’s in the entire Midwest!

Hole #11 Par 4

The James River finds itself back in play on this short par 4. A difficult driving hole with bunkers and out of bounds to the right. It is essential to stay on the correct level of this heavily sloping two-tiered green.

Hole #12 Par 4

The large, bowl shaped, grass bunker on the right side of this fairway is an obstacle that most players would rather avoid. Another heavily undulated green that requires players to place their approach shots on the correct level or else face a tough putt over a huge mound in the middle.

Hole #13  Par 4

This par 4 offers one of the most generous landing areas on the course, but with out of bounds on both the right and left a strait tee shot is a must. A hazard short and bunkers on the left and right demand a strait approach to this green. Historic rock wall to the left is nearly 150

Hole #14 Par 4

This hole starts off with a difficult uphill tee shot with a large tree coming into play on the right side. A small creek on the right rough is another obstacle players must deal with. The uphill approach will most likely play a bit longer than the yardage says.

Hole #15 Par 3

Another great par 3 at Rivercut. This short par 3 has water guarding both the front and left of the green guaranteeing trouble on a miss hit tee shot. It’s back-to-front sloping green ensures that the challenge wont be over here until the ball is in the hole.

Hole #16 Par 4

The shortest par 4 on the golf course gives the player a tough decision as to what to hit off the tee. The green can be reached in one by some of the long hitters, but with out of bounds on the left and right side of the fairway it brings a big number into play. Grip it and Rip it.

Hole #17 Par 3

The longest of the par 3s. A bunker on the right will attempt to claim many wayward tee shots. Shots lucky enough not to find the bunker will be provided with a members bounce catching a slope and funneling down to a large putting surface.

Hole #18 Par 5

A sharp dogleg left with a hazard down most of the entire left side of the hole. The more daring player can attempt to cut the corner, leaving themselves with a shorter approach to this Par 5. A creek intersects the fairway at about 140 yards from the green, forcing the player to either lay back or go for it on their second shot. Water left along with bunkers right make going for this green in two a dangerous decision.


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